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Contact Us
You may send your questions, suggestions, criticisms and appreciations to admin@quranjam.com. Please help this project by letting us know if you find any bugs with this site.

Who are we?
This project was initiated, designed and developed by the servants of Allah to seek the pleasure of Allah (Subhana waTa'ala). Please pray for the people who were involved in this project.

  1. QuranicRealm - For their Quranic images and translations
  2. FCKEditor - For their Advanced HTML editor
  3. IlmQuest - For their hosting support
  4. AlMaghrib Institute - For being such a cool venue for students to come together to learn Islam and act upon that knowledge!
  5. Everyone who jams and votes on QuranJam.com - without your participation, QuranJam.com wouldn't be what it is!

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